About evosoft Hungary Kft.

History and fields of expertise
evosoft Hungary Kft was founded by three engineers in 1995, more than 20 years ago. Starting out as a small home office, the start-up has by now evolved into an enterprise of approximately 1000 employees, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of evosoft GmbH, which is an affiliate member of Siemens AG. Siemens AG, the largest European group of companies in the field of engineering and technology, is an exclusive customer of evosoft.
In the course of cooperation evosoft has become a partner of strategic importance to Siemens AG by now engaging in nearly all areas of the German tech giant, taking orders in increasingly larger volumes and with more and more responsibility.
Just a couple of examples for our common projects with the German partner: developing an e-car, participating in the development of one of the largest .Net projects of the world, taking part in the development of syngo.via, a state-of-the-art health care software of Siemens, running projects of industrial automation, dealing with the system-level testing of industrial equipment, employing mechanical engineers in our project involving 3D computer-aided design, and moreover we have recently launched teams within the scope of “big data”, which attend to development according to “extreme programming”.

Technologies we work with
Our company uses Microsoft technologies in around 80% of all activities. The majority of our developments takes place in the world of .Net, but we work in Linux and Unix environments as well. Programming is carried out in several programming languages, predominantly in the C# language, however, development based on Java, C++, JavaScript and SAP is also present.

The number of employees working at evosoft was 100 in 2003, already 220 in 2006, 300 in 2008, while the headcount of our colleagues exceeded the number of 950 in 2015. For the time being we are there for our clients in three cities and five office blocks in Hungary. We have got three offices in Budapest, one location in both Miskolc and Szeged, acting as dominant players of the IT market in all three regions. At the same time, in 10 locations more than a thousand colleagues work for our Nürnberg-based mother company evosoft GmbH.

Development of turnover
Our sales revenue as derived purely from software development exceeded 14 billion forints in 2014, and it was more than 15 billion forints in 2015.

Training opportunities at evosoft
We at evosoft attach great importance to fostering the intellectual capital of our colleagues. The participation rate in connection with professional trainings, conferences, technological seminars, soft-skill courses and leadership trainings is increasing from year to year.

Professional events at evosoft
A few examples of professional events organised as part of the self-education programme:

Our colleagues take part in a great number of domestic and international professional trainings, conferences and workshops from year to year. On these occasions they are given the chance to acquire knowledge which might be of novelty value to the rest of the colleagues as well. TechClub is a forum where our colleagues can transfer these valuable pieces of knowledge to a greater audience.
This internal knowledge sharing initiative was launched in 2011, giving the opportunity to our colleagues to deliver presentations to their fellows. The success of the idea is proven by the fact that TechClub is still running today as an in-house professional forum with a track record of 30 lectures and nearly 1300 participants.
We pursue this initiative in our Miskolc and Szeged offices as well, thus involving the whole company in the in-house programme.
TechClub demonstrates technological peculiarities with respect to evosoft projects, thus raising professional awareness and knowledge transfer within the company. Colleagues delivering a presentation here are inclined to give a plain insight into the various professional subjects well know to them; thereby providing not only a transfer of knowledge and experience, but also a bridge between business divisions operating along different thematic or technological lines.
One specific feature of TechClub not measurable by numbers is that colleagues participating therein may find fellows for the later discussion, support or consultation of each professional subject. Beyond sharing experiences this platform is suitable for our colleagues to showcase those project outcomes, which are worth being proud of at evosoft level.

evosoft Academy - Train the Trainer
At evosoft we have established several forums for our colleagues so that they can transfer to each other their knowledge and experience gained over the years. This is an exciting, noble, and by far not easy task. We offer our trainer programme to those colleagues of ours, who regularly deliver in-house or off-house lectures as well as training courses. We do help our colleagues participating in the programme with finding the proper communication channel to their audience on the occasion of trainings and presentations, in order to ensure that their lectures are enjoyable, instructive and exciting – making their presentation not only worthwhile but also pleasing. They shall form the internal trainer team of evosoft, who will be in charge of in-house professional trainings and knowledge sharing within the company.

evosoft Academy – evoSWALP programme
evoSWALP (evosoft Software Architect Learning Program) comprises the development of knowledge and skills necessary for our software architects. This is a training programme aimed at supporting experienced software developers in their efforts to become architects. In the course of admission not only the professional knowledge but also the high-level communication skills and customer orientation of the candidates are taken into consideration. Besides the techniques of establishing and fostering in-depth professional knowledge and good software architecture we endeavour to develop a comprehensive and universally applicable approach, which applies to the environment of product development, operations and business as well. The professional part of the training programme is held by our experienced evosoft colleagues, allowing for a content best tailored to our operational specifications. Just like in the rest of our programmes, the holistic approach is important here as well, thus putting an emphasis on the development of conflict management and communication skills in addition to delivering the professional knowledge. We recommend this programme to those colleagues of ours who would like to undertake higher-level tasks of software development and architecture in their projects after having obtained a few years of professional experience.

evosoft Academy – language and professional trainings
Our colleagues are often required to have language proficiency in German and / or English for a better professional performance at evosoft. For this purpose, we provide language courses for small groups (4-6 persons) or for individuals – in urgent need of training – in two terms annually as based on the current proficiency level of our colleagues.

evosoft Academy – other programmes and initiatives
Our highlighted topic in recent years has been agility and agile project management. In order to better understand and learn this special field, we invite widely renowned lecturers and the work of our colleagues is also supported by in-house trainers and coaches.
Beyond the opportunities provided by evosoft Academy we greatly encourage our colleagues to propose their individual initiatives. Due to the excellent relationship with the customers our colleagues are officially invited to take part in several trainings concerning the whole Siemens group. In addition to that, we highly encourage our colleagues to attend the widest range of soft skills trainings, workshops and conferences so that the company can make use of the knowledge acquired thereby.

evosoft supports future engineers
We deem it our obligation to support the development of young engineers already during their studies. To that end, we closely cooperate with four Hungarian institutions of higher education, one of them being the largest and most renowned technological university of Hungary.  
We are regularly invited to take part in the professional assessment of thesis works, and furthermore, we also provide the opportunity of consultation for graduands. We give lectures at open days, professional forums and events of specialised student colleges.

Together for the future! We are in cooperation with the University of Dunaújváros and the Alliance of IT, Telecommunications and Electronics Businesses (IVSZ).

Along with these two organisations evosoft signed a declaration of intent in December 2015, with the objective of promoting domestic technical higher education, engineering careers and talent management, as well as to make combined efforts and joint actions for that purpose. It is anticipated from the cooperation that future generations of engineers shall be able to create lasting innovations that might be of help to everyday human lives, thus making the Hungarian economy and the intellectual capital concentrated therein more competitive.

In the course of this cooperation evosoft endeavours – as an industrial partner – to provide assistance for the partnering higher education institution in the transfer of IT-related knowledge according to the latest state of the art, which is carried out by organising professional meetings, seminars and laboratory visits. In addition, evosoft supports its partner in promoting technical higher education among high-school students, primarily by showcasing those opportunities which are open to professionals graduating from technical higher education. Besides that, evosoft undertakes to foster all public educational initiatives and events that are aimed at providing career guidance for the purpose of increasing the number of candidates choosing IT as their profession.

External events sponsored by evosoft
For many years now we have been the chief sponsor of:


RobonAUT is a robotics competition organised annually at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where groups of three students have to create the control system of autonomous robots as part of a one-semester course. The task of the robots is to pass an obstacle course in the shortest possible time and without human intervention, while accomplishing as many subtasks as possible during their course. evosoft has been chaperoning the event right from the beginning, and has been acting as a chief sponsor of the competition for engineering students of BME since 2011. RobonAUT is of highlighted importance in the life of evosoft. Thanks to the competition we are able to establish a direct relationship with the students, and it is of particularly great value in this interesting target group.
This one is regularly a full-house event with significant newsworthiness in terms of mass media. Several domestic news sites and televisions provide coverage on the event in each year.

Furthermore, we regularly organise open days for students involved in degree programmes of the Hungarian technical higher education.
We regularly organise joint open days with the Association of Hungarian Engineering Students as well as the student union of BEST Budapest, thus providing the opportunity for students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Eötvös Loránd University and the Óbuda University to get to know us better. In the course of lab visits and professional lectures we introduce evosoft, our projects and our teams, on each occasion, to a number of 40-45 students involved in study programmes of the Hungarian technical higher education. We have already had such events which were attended by students from as many as eight Hungarian institutions of higher education, including a student who travelled from Szeged to Budapest only for the sake of our event. On each of these occasion we further strengthen our good relationship with the universities, and the students are able to get to know us as a significant employer in IT. On these open days the students involved in degree programmes of higher education can acquire knowledge on various software operating in an industrial environment as well as on the importance of the engineering approach in the field of software development.
We typically close these events with a reception, eating pizza together with all the speakers and our colleagues from the HR. While eating pizza the students have the chance to have an informal chat about the projects they visited, the opportunities for professional improvement provided by evosoft, as well as the currently open positions for trainees and contracted staff. This far we have received a good feedback from the students concerning these open days, therefore we will surely continue to organise them for a long time.
After the introduction of evosoft, here you can read a short description of Budapest and the sights of the capital.
Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary with a population of more than 1.74 million inhabitants. In 1873 the former cities of Pest, Buda and Óbuda were unified, thus creating Budapest, the present capital of Hungary. 
Budapest is the only capital city in the world having health spas with the world’s largest cave system of thermal water also located here. Budapest is home to the largest synagogue in Europe, and the Hungarian Parliament is the third largest parliament building in the world. 
Sights of Budapest recognised as world heritage sites:
On the Buda side:
Building complex of the Buda Castle District, 
Panorama of the Danube,
Gellért Hill, the Liberty Statue and the Citadel,
the Gellért Bath.
On the Pest side:
Buildings along the bank of the Danube: the Houses of Parliament, Gresham Palace, Vigadó Concert Hall and the Parish Church in the Centre,
four bridges on the Danube (Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge),
Andrássy Avenue and the Heroes’ Square with the Millenium Statute, the Art Gallery (Műcsarnok) with the Museum of Fine Arts,
Millennium Underground Railway.
Would you like to learn more about Budapest?
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Source material: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budapest

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